At first thought, a cleanse may seem immensely daunting. Trust us, we know all the images your mind is conjuring up. You keeling over from hunger and crawling back into bed barely alive – name it and we’ve probably thought about it too.

Dramatics aside, it’s all a figment of your imagination – and we’re the healthy, glowing specimens who have lived to tell this tale of survival and triumph.

At A Juicery, we believe that every cleanse should leave a lasting positive memory. That is why our programs have been carefully created to harmonize with various physical threshold levels and you can decide where you best fit.

Consisting of a daily selection of seven delicious juices and a milk, we promise your cleanse will feel more like a holiday for your body than an intensive regiment. So whether you choose to dip your toes or jump into the deep end, know that you are in good hands and your body will definitely thank you for the much-needed respite.