• How are your juices different?

    In many ways!

    First and foremost, we only use cold pressed machines to squeeze our raw vegetables and fruits so that we will never ever compromise on the integrity of our juices. Click here if you are interested in finding out more about cold pressing.

    The A-Team also takes pride in using our creative juices to add a magical touch to our menu. We source regionally as much as possible and concoct every juice with taste and nutrition in mind. Take a look at our juice offerings and you will know we've got the most exciting and nutrient-dense concoctions in town!

    Also, you can trust that you will always be in good hands. We use leading nutrition research to ground our choices - no cheating, no hogwash. Nutritional goodness is never a fad to us.

  • Your prices are kinda steep!

    Ack! We know, but there is a good reason to it! All our juices are 100% raw and carefully prepared in-house by the A-Team everyday.

    Every bottle of juice is never subject to artificial means to extend their shelf life. This is all to make sure you definitely get your money is worth in goodness!

  • How will I receive my juices?

    They will be delivered right to your door step! We do provide a self pick-up option too, click here to find out more.

  • Your juices separate and look pretty icky when it settles. Should I be worried?

    Not at all – in fact you should be more concerned if it doesn’t. Separation is natural because we do not add any binders or additives to our juices. Simply shake it up and prepare yourself for a delicious burst of flavor and goodness!

  • How long do your juices last? Is refrigeration necessary? 

    Because none of our juices are artificially preserved in any way, we use the term ‘alive’ to describe them. This means that they have to be refrigerated and consumed within 72 hours.

    If you lose track of time, we’ve stuck a sticker on each bottle to indicate when the goodness within would start dissipating!

  • I’ve heard that fruit juice is chockfull of sugar and that makes it an unhealthy choice. Is that true?

    If you have been chugging down processed juices from the grocery store then this worry is definitely not unfounded. Those deceptive cartons actually contain little to none of the natural goodness of the fruits and vegetables they claim to be derived from and on top of that, most of them pile on enough processed sugar to make any nutritionist weep.

    But you can throw that worry out of the window if it’s our juices you are fretting over. The sweetness that you detect in our concoctions come from the naturally occurring sugars in the juices extracted from raw vegetables and fruits put through our hydraulic presses.

    Live enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals, accompany these sugars just as it would have been if you’ve eaten the fruit or vegetable raw. So even though there is a glycemic index associated with these naturally occurring sugars, nature has worked its magic in having the companion nutrients stabilize the sugar and balance out insulin levels in your blood stream. 

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