If you’ve been getting your juice fix out of a carton or from the corner stall of a hawker centre, it’s time to bring it to the next level.

Most processed juices are full of sugar and chemical content and in most fresh fruit juices, the standard rotary blade in most machines creates a shocking wastage of nutrients because a large percentage of juice isn’t properly extracted from the pulp. Heat from the whirring high-speed blade also effectively destroys most nutrients and enzymes within the juice – creating a lifeless concoction that bears little resemblance to its glorious origins.



Now, on a brighter note, cold pressing is a method of extracting liquid vegetables or fruits using hydraulic pressure. This process prevents denaturing enzymes and breaking down nutrients by avoiding high levels of heat and oxygen. The end result is amazingly alive and pure juices that retain up to 5 times more essential vitamins, enzymes, proteins and minerals.



If that isn’t enough to convince you, cold pressing also serves as a simple and excellent nutritional solution. With every single one of our cold pressed juices, you can delight in the fact that each bottle is created with generous amounts of vegetables and fruit – some boasting up to 2 kilos of natural goodness.

Delicious and brimming with nutrients, it comes as no surprise that cold pressing is the only way we believe in drinking juice – now it’s your turn to refuse to drink a zombie ever again!