While we're firm believers of cleansing, we're even bigger advocates of Juice Up! If you're still hemming and hawing about doing a cleanse, we would suggest you start off with Juice Up - that's what the A-Team does everyday!

Experts have preached getting 75% of our diet from raw foods. To put this in perspective, it means having to chomp through salads and fruits for most of your meals! It isn't impossible (if you have the determination of a panda) but drinking the equivalent is much more realistic. Doing so helps reduce the amount of energy your body uses for digestion and allows you to achieve your recommended daily intake without wearing you out, both physically and mentally.

Every single one of our juices is jammed pack with nutritional goodness to save you the hassle of having to peel, chop and scoff its contents down. Choose to start the morning with a refreshing green juice, complement your favourite plate of hokkien mee with a citrusy concoction or grab a more nutrient-dense option to substitute a meal when you are in a rush - there is no need to be systematic about it!

Start simple. Juice Up is a brilliant and nifty way to commit to more conscious nutrition in the long run.